Greenwash: a User’s Manual

(Helen Moore – 2013)

When it’s that really tough,
competitive edge you’re after,
just front-load your business
into our new green
washing machine;
it takes all kinds,
and at high or low temperatures
will tackle the most stubborn
campaigns, offsetting your conscience
instantly – top results our guarantee!
Our washer uses only
the most charismatic powders,
and will even take delicates –
like oil companies, airlines
and car manufacturers –
creating a soft-soap screen,
a fine turn-coat of iridescent suds
in which your chief executive
may easily parade
naked on the stock exchange.
Not that this
is the Emperor’s new clothes;
after a rinse with softener
(for that added shareholder comfort),
and plenty of extra spin,
your business will look and feel pristine!
It can then be hung out to dry
(for that natural fresh-air scent) –
you safe in the knowledge
that it’s had a cleaner,
greener type of wash.


La video poesia si intitola Greenspin (regia: Howard Vause) e cita parte della poesia Greenwash: a User’s Manual. Utilizza il linguaggio lell’advertising. Ha vinto il terzo premio al Liberated Words International Poetry Film Festival nel 2013.

Debora Borgognoni

Debora Borgognoni

Non si è ancora del tutto abituata a ossigeno e forza di gravità, ma non demorde. Morbosamente polemica, reagisce male agli sgrammaticati.

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