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It’s curious. I remember the meaning of your ph nickname you explained me years ago, but I don’t remember your real name and your country 😅 Really sorry for that 😅

Hahahahah it’s funny, we tend to remember mainly weird stuff and not basic facts. It’s pretty normal right? My name is Milica (this c sounds like your z) and I live in Montenegro, just across the Adriatic sea. 🤗

Oooh, Milica! I didn’t remember you live in Montenegro! I heard your country has wonderful naturalistic places.

Yeah very beautiful places and old cities. You can climb the northern mountain in the morning and have lunch at the sea in the south haha. It’s a small but warm-hearted country hahaha.

Wow 😂 I appreciated it by seeing your last picture. That lake gives me different kind of emotions. There is a suspended atmosphere. Although I can’t decide if this silence is calm and romantic or anxious and sinister.

Thank you. That lake is not touristic, it’s a lonely lake. Seems like waiting for a time that never comes. I took this picture in autumn. I just felt to post it now. It kinda suits the moment.

Oh I got it.

How is the situation there? It’s just beginning. We must stay at home. We can’t go out except if you have to go to grocery store. I’ve heard about the situation in Italy. 😥 In which city do you live? How is there?

I live in Padova, it’s a half hour to Venice. My region is one of the first infected areas. The situation seems under control somehow, but cases are still increasing. We have to stay at home.

That sucks. Isolation sucks… how long are you not having contacts? 2 months?

Just one month, it’s hard.

And it’s not only a tragic economic issue. What about society? What about relations? I think people will become depressed. 😔

We all don’t know how much it will last. We must keep our minds off of it. I know it’s not the solution, but what else can we do?

Just waiting. Like your picture, your lonely lake. Waiting in a night that never seems to end.

L’immagine di copertina è opera di Anđela @samo_tacka on tour with @montravelclub



Francesco Balasso

Francesco Balasso

Spreme la lirica, sparge parole a coriandoli, amalgama le ombre del salotto, taglia l’aria alla julienne, aggiunge amori invisibili q.b.

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